Notes from the summer

This summer and fall, I've been busy promoting the first two books in the series and working on the third. I thought I'd check in with some photos and notes. Hope you enjoy!

First up, some photos from the book launch event in July for In the Valley of the Devil (Earl Marcus 2):


A little later in the summer, I did some book clubs that were a blast!


I even met a really BIG fan at one of them (and a little one too):


I did my third Noir at the Bar with some other great writers. I'm the one who doesn't seem to realize that we're taking a picture:


I made the local news (with the great Emily Carpenter):


I won an award (a gold medal, no less!): 


Oh, and I made the local paper!

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 11.43.14 AM.png

So what's next? I'm finishing up Book Three (untitled at the moment) and about to release a horror novel under a different name. The horror novel is called The Year of the Storm, and it's got a kick ass cover. Look for it in the next few weeks. 

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