I can finally announce that I signed a two book deal with Crooked Lane Books for the first two Earl Marcus books. Earl will debut in Heaven’s Crooked Finger (read an excerpt here), a novel about his return to North Georgia after a long exile. I think you’ll like Earl. He’s middle-aged, grizzled, and stubborn as a mule, but he has a heart the size of the open sky. His past has shaped him into a flawed human being, and much of Heaven’s Crooked Finger has him dealing with that past, specifically with the legacy of his father who may or may not be dead. There’s a lot of religious crazies, a mythical well high atop a mountain, and more poisonous snakes than you can shake a stick at.

Book two is tentatively titled Skull Keep, and I hope it will be scary and mysterious enough to live up to that title. If not, I may have to change it.


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